Fetal medicine is an upcoming branch of Obstetrics where the fetus is given the primary care right from screening to diagnosis and management of a fetal problem.

Genetics is the science of heredity and variation. We inherit traits from our parents - these basic units of inheritance are called genes. Sometimes, these 'genes' are not passed on in the proper form which can lead to 'genetic abnormalities' in the individual. Although some couples are at higher risk than the others, any individual can be affected by a 'genetic abnormality'. Our Geneticist offers counseling to such couples who are at 'increased risk' and helps in making diagnosis.


Most couples have straight-forward pregnancies. However, for some, this journey can be ridden with anxiety due to their past experiences or problems in the current pregnancy. Even a difficult relationship with family and friends can cause this very important journey rather traumatic. Our Emotional counselor is here to help ease this journey.

Our team of Fetal medicine Specialists, Sonologists and Emotional Counselors perform the fetal / pregnancy scans to highest standards and this is backed up with informative and sensitive counseling. Our aim is to give the best possible care for the unborn baby and parents.


Our services include: Intrauterine procedures, like Amniocentesis, Chorionic Villous Sampling and Cord Blood Sampling. In addition, intrauterine fetal blood transfusions and fetal shunting procedures have been performed successfully.

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