Fetal Medicine Fellowship

Duration : 24 Months Full Time Work

Fellowship in Fetal Medicine - Residential Program

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This will enable you to perform fetal scans with high competency, counsel and manage various complicated fetal anomalies. In addition, there is extensive exposure to numerous fetal interventional procedures performed in the unit on a daily basis. Fellows will observe and actively assist in the management of a wide range of conditions. These will range from screening for fetal abnormalities to management of complex fetal problems diagnosed antenatally. The aim is that the trainees become competent in all aspects of fetal care and counseling. By the end of the training fellowship the doctor will have obtained the FMF, UK Certificates of competence in The 11-13 weeks NT scan, The 18-23 weeks Anomaly scan, Cervical assessment, Fetal echocardiography and Doppler ultrasound. On completion of minimum 30 invasive procedures on direct supervision, certificate of competence in Invasive procedures is also obtained.

Eligibility: (as per PCPNDT rules of the state for performing Obstetric scans)
  • MD/ DGO Obstetrics & Gynaecology with atleast One Year Clinical Experience
  • MD/ DMRD Radiology with atleast One Year Clinical Experience
  • KMC registration must be obtained prior to commencement of scanning
  • International candidates will require Temorary registration according to the MCI guidelines

  1. Application form will be sent to Doctors whose inquiry has been received through the initial application screening process.
  2. 2-day mandatory observership program followed by in person interview with Dr Prathima Radhakrishnan or senior consultant in BFMC.
  3. Once approved, candidate needs to send in a confirmation email within a week expressing their interest in joining the program.
  4. As per the vacancies, slots will be allotted and initial confirmation email will be sent to the candidate.
  5. 3 months prior to joining, appointment letter with fee structure for their academic year will be sent.

Fees & Stipend:
  • Fees for the course : approx. 6lakhs for the entire course
  • Monthly stipend : Half stipend (13-18months)
  • Full stipend (19-24months) as decided by BFMC

Academic sessions
BFMC is actively involved in various training courses and local and regional academic meetings. Participation in these academic meetings is compulsory for all trainees. In addition, trainees are encouraged to attend atleast one loca, one regional and one national/ international meeting in Fetal Medicine. Attendance at these meetings must be marked with research presentations. In addition, fortnightly meetings will give opportunity to the trainees to present cases and learn from peers.

Thesis/ research work
All trainees must compulsorily participate in the Team’s ongoing research and clinical audit. They will pick a topic/ year and work on same which will culminate in a presentation and / or publication.

Attendance & Leave:
Sundays is weekly off for the clinical work. Public holidays are as per statutory guidelines. Candidates can take maximum of pre-arranged 15 days leave in a year.

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