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Gup online program is an outstanding platform for learning the nuances of scanning the pelvis ... It's like the masters explaining you the details... holding your hand helping you exploring the areas in the pelvis u didn't know existed. Minute details r precisely explained to help in differential diagnosis of the pelvic Pathology. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the gup team esp Dr supriya and Dr priti for creating this elaborate gup program and for being teachers aka Guru's in the true sense

Dr Gurpreet ( GUP Online)

Warm greetings to all out there in BFMC. I have finished doing the FUP online course on May 15, 2019. These 14 months have been a big eye opener for me and I ve gained a lot during this course period. Thank you all for that.

Dr Nancy Manodoss ( FUP ONLINE STUDENT)